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Build a Lightweight Private Cloud with Harvester, K3s, and Traefik

Although we’re in a cloud native era, virtualization is still present in most organizations and isn’t going anywhere. The truth is that VMs and containers will coexist in most enterprise infrastructures indefinitely.

At SUSE, we’re bringing virtual machines and containers even closer together with Harvester. Harvester is a modern open source and lightweight HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) solution based on Kubernetes, Longhorn, and KubeVirt, providing a platform that creates a solid foundation for deploying clusters on-prem. Harvester helps organizations modernize on-prem infrastructure or edge computing by combining containers and VMs.

In this session, we introduce Harvester and demonstrate how to deploy a K3s cluster on Harvester using its integration with Rancher. We also deploy a sample service using Traefik Proxy as the ingress controller.

You will learn:

  • What Harvester is and how HCI solutions work
  • The underlying technologies (SUSE Linux, RKE2, Longhorn, and KubeVirt)
  • The main use cases and advantages (On-prem and Edge HCI, Hybrid Cloud, Harvester & Rancher Integration)
  • How to deploy K3s in Harvester using Rancher along with Traefik Proxy


Andrés Valero, Technical Marketing Manager, SUSE


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