Taming Multiple Traefik Deployments with a GitOps Strategy

Dec 9 8:00 am PT | 5:00 pm CEST

About this Webinar

Kubernetes can be cumbersome to deploy at scale, as manual configurations are time-consuming and prone to human error. With GitOps, a single source of truth automates the configuration of clusters, empowering developers to own the lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters and deploy at scale.

In this special presentation with Weaveworks, the creator of GitOps, we will explore the framework in detail. You’ll walk away understanding how:

  • A declarative approach allows teams to contribute collaboratively and at scale
  • A single source of truth for managing Traefik can be maintained in Git
  • GitOps can simplify the lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters
  • Traefik configurations can be managed on multiple clusters and environments using GitOps

Join us and level up your Traefik deployment with GitOps.


  • Kingdon Barett

    Open Source Support Engineer at Weaveworks

  • Jakub Hajek
    Product Adoption Specialist at Traefik Labs

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