Eating the Kubernetes Observability Elephant with Instana and Traefik

There are a lot of choices out there for monitoring and observability — if you’re in the cloud native ecosystem, you’re likely all too familiar with the “Cloud Native Hellscape”.

Prometheus and Grafana are two great pieces of software that are commonly paired together to create a single solution that has emerged as the de-facto open source standard for monitoring and observability. Depending on your familiarity with cloud native technologies in general, they can be a convenient tool for learning about the APM space and they can be easy to get up and running. Of course, nothing in the IT Industry is as easy as marketing people would have you believe.

Instana can expand the capabilities already provided by Prometheus and Grafana and fill in some holes at the same time — and with Traefik, it can close an important gap in terms of visibility.

In this special webinar with Instana, we explore:

  • Strategies for Kubernetes Observability
  • How Instana can add to your already existing environment
  • Use cases for Traefik, Prometheus/Grafana, and Instana


  • Cedric Ziel

    Senior Product Manager for Observability at Instana

  • Martin Fuentes

    Kubernetes Product Manager at Instana

  • Adrian Goins
    Head of Developer Relations at Traefik Labs

Watch the Recording