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Level up Your API Game with Cloud Native API Gateways

APIs are the foundation of contemporary software development, allowing companies to create and release applications quickly and effectively. However, these capabilities also bring about substantial complexity, making maintenance difficult. An API gateway simplifies your infrastructure, eliminates complexity, and frees up resources.

Using real-world examples from our customers, we delve into how companies use API-first development models, the challenges that come from these models, and how to solve them. We also demonstrate how to implement an API gateway solution using Traefik Airlines, our fictional airline application. 

Come to learn:

  • How an API gateway enables API-first development in a cloud native world
  • How API gateways deliver great time to value & reduce infrastructure complexity 
  • A zero-to-hero demonstration of Traefik Enterprise with production use cases


Immánuel Fodor
Product Manager, Traefik Labs

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