Authentication strategies for securing Kubernetes applications

About this webinar

As enterprises today find more business value in opening up access to data through new APIs and microservices, ensuring only authorized access to this data is paramount. But architecting a strong authentication strategy is often complex and challenging, especially in Kubernetes environment.   

As a modern application proxy, Traefik supports a wide range of authentication plugins to enable various methods of API authentication. to ensure that transactions are authorized.

This webinar demonstrates:

  • How to use Traefik as an ingress gateway in Kubernetes
  • How Traefik can help authenticate API services
  • Deploying an identity provider (IdP) using KeyCloak
  • Various authentication strategies using OIDC, JWT, and mTLS with Traefik Enterprise

Join us to learn how Traefik easily integrates enterprise identity services with your APIs and microservices.

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