What's New in Traefik Enterprise 2.4

About this webinar

Traefik Labs is proud to start 2021 with the release of Traefik Enterprise 2.4, our all-in-one ingress, API management, and service mesh solution.

As cloud environments grow more complex, so does the level of effort required for critical functions like governance, security, and observability. Traefik Enterprise 2.4 introduces a number of features that help centralize and streamline environments spanning multiple clusters. This webinar will give an overview and demo of the new Traefik Enterprise features. 

Highlights include:

  • Centralized multi-cluster certificate management with Let’s Encrypt and Vault, reducing the administrative overhead of TLS encryption in complex environments
  • Centralized policy management via an Open Policy Agent middleware that allows admins to define fine-grained access policies and have them enforced by an embedded authorization agent
  • Integration with Traefik Pilot, our monitoring and management SaaS platform, improving visibility into the health and performance of clusters
  • Powerful behavior customization through tailor-made middleware plugins, including plugins contributed by the Traefik user community

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