Online Meetup

How to Mitigate Security Threats with CrowdSec and Traefik

May 18 8 am PT

Microservice architectures bring tremendous benefits to organizations, but also significant security challenges. Each deployed application increases the attack surface and opens up a new potential entry for attackers.

Traefik Proxy is a cloud native application proxy that secures and simplifies the deployment of microservices. CrowdSec is an open source, collaborative cybersecurity solution that increases the level of security in a Kubernetes cluster by leveraging crowd intelligence.

This online meetup will teach you how to integrate CrowdSec into your Kubernetes cluster with Traefik as an ingress controller to detect and remediate security threats. 

You will learn:

  • How to install CrowdSec to parse Traefik ingress logs and install the CrowdSec Traefik bouncer to remediate attacks on the ingress controller. The CrowdSec bouncer is an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) component that works with the CrowdSec agent to detect attacks and remediate them.
  • How to configure CrowdSec to monitor Traefik, detect, and block attacks. 
  • How to use the CrowdSec Console to get an instant overview of your instances.


Thibault Koechlin, CrowdSec CTO
Hamza Essahely, CrowdSec core-developer

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