Online Meetup

What's New in Traefik Proxy 2.5

Sep 1 8:30 am PT | 5:30 pm CEST

About this Online Meetup

Join us for an exciting Online Meetup to learn about the new features added to Traefik Proxy 2.5, the latest release of our open source, cloud-native edge router, and application proxy. We are delighted to show you these “ready to use” community-requested features and help you gain the most value from them. 

During this session, we’ll discuss and demonstrate:

  • Connecting Consul Connect Networks directly with Traefik
  • Added support for HTTP/3
  • Advanced load balancing for nested structures
  • Traefik 2.5 support for the new Kubernetes 1.22. Kubernetes 1.22 has significant API changes, with many deprecated API versions including Ingress.
  • Running local Plugins. Previously, plugins were served only by Traefik Pilot. Now it's possible to just run local plugins with Traefik Proxy.
  • Loading Provider Plugins. Providers are a key component of Traefik. Now, Traefik 2.5 makes it possible to load your own providers as plugins!
  • TCP Middlewares. Middlewares are essential if you want to edit requests or responses. Traefik 2.5 adds support for Middlewares on TCP Routers.

Register today to join Manuel Zapf from the Traefik Labs team as we go through this release and demonstrate these new features and more.



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