Downtime is Inevitable. Be Prepared.

Downtime costs medium and large businesses an average of $9,000 per minute, according to the Ponemon Institute. And while you may not be able to avoid downtime forever, you can minimize its costs with dedicated, enterprise-grade support.

Get Expert Support 24/7/365

Let our team of engineers get your application back up and running fast, day or night. We'll also work with your team to shore up your stability and eliminate future outages.

There are two support plans for Traefik Proxy:

Essential Support

  • Response Time within 8 hrs
  • Available 9 am–5 pm, Business Days

Mission Critical Support

  • Severity 1–2: Response Time within 2 hrs
  • Severity 1–2: Available 24/7/365 (Includes Holiday Support)
  • Severity 3–4: Response Time within 8 hrs
  • Severity 3–4: Available 9 am–5 pm, Business Days

“We have a terrific relationship with the support team at Traefik Labs.”

Alexandre Etmezguine, SRE DevOps, Axione

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