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Load Balancing High-Availability Clusters with Traefik

Bulletproof Networking for On-Premises Environments

Load Balancing High-Availability Clusters with Traefik Cover

Are you managing your application in an on-premise or hybrid environment? This expert guide demonstrates how to configure Traefik to offer true high availability in on-premises environments.

Download it now to explore multiple on-prem networking configurations, each more challenging than the last:

These configurations include:

  • Case 1: Active/Passive Nodes — This will consist of two-nodes (two VMs running on KVM) in an active/passive configuration.
  • Case 2: Kubernetes Ingress — This scenario will showcase the distributed features of Traefik Enterprise, including distributed rate limiting and distributed certificate management.
  • Case 3: Cloud-Scale Load Balancing — Finally, a robust load balancer capable of handling massive amounts of traffic, with multiple proxies taking advantage of networking protocols, most notably the border gateway protocol (BGP).

Download your copy of our expert guide to on-premise load balancing today.

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