Advanced Load Balancing with Traefik 2.5

September 30, 2021 - 8:30am PT | 5:30pm CET

About this Workshop

The recent release of Traefik 2.5 offers a multitude of amazing benefits and features, one of which is the weighted load balancer. In this workshop, we’re going to explore the new weighted load balancer—existing to support cascading health checks and load distribution between services. We’ll go into an in-depth demonstration of the feature by deploying Traefik 2.5 on Kubernetes.

There are a few real life scenarios that we’ll showcase where nested health check structures can be helpful such as:

- splitting network traffic between multiple clusters
- building distributed GEO based clusters
- migrating applications from legacy environments to Kubernetes

This will be a hands-on interactive workshop showing a real use case of how to build reliable and highly available environments using Traefik CRD and Kubernetes.

Join Jakub Hajek of the Traefik Labs team for this awesome workshop. 

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