Understanding Service Mesh

About this video

When the team at Traefik Labs decided to build Traefik Mesh, we were faced with deciding the most effective approach to the design, implementation, and compatibility of a service mesh.

This talk presents our rational for leveraging our existing open-source project Traefik, how we accomplished this, the benefits, and how we were able to avoid the sidecar proxy model that is associated with most service meshes.

This presentation also covers:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of using a Service Mesh, and appropriate situations to use one
  • How to deploy a realistic microservice application on Kubernetes while utilizing features such as canary testing and implementing back-offs / retries
  • Advantages of the Service Mesh Interface specification (SMI)

Presented by

Kevin Crawley
Developer Advocate @Traefik Labs

Kevin Crawley, a Developer Advocate at Traefik Labs, contributes to the team and community by bringing his passion and experience for developer productivity through enablement and education. He is passionate about championing the benefits of Open Source, DevOps, automation, observability, distributed tracing, and control theory. In addition to his role at Traefik Labs, Kevin is an organizer for DevOpsDays Nashville, recognized as a Docker Captain, a co-founder and consultant for Single Music.

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