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5 Pillars of Modern API Management You Must Consider

The ability to design, develop, and launch APIs has become a strategic imperative for organizations worldwide. APIs have become the connective tissue powering nearly every digital product and service today, representing ~83% of total requests on the internet*, and are growing 2X faster than all other web traffic**.

Yet, existing API management solutions are struggling to provide the modern experience businesses need to lead, compete, and thrive in the API economy.

In this webinar, we explore the five most critical attributes organizations must consider when choosing an API management solution, including:

  • Freedom to choose both your infrastructure & architecture
  • DevOps-first mindset with GitOps- & CI/CD-friendly workflows
  • Security-first mindset that is both easy to manage & modular
  • Kubernetes-native CRDs, labels, & selectors
  • Fastest time to value with intuitive & automated workflows

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* Akamai, “Akamai State of the Internet Security Report,” 2019
** Cloudflare, “API Endpoint Management and Metrics are now GA,” 2022


Maytham Alfouadi
Solutions Architect, Traefik Labs

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