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Why GitOps for API Management is Broken & How to Fix It

APIs account for 80% of internet traffic, and they’re growing 2x faster than any other traffic type. How do you scale your API management to keep up? Using GitOps!

There’s just one problem—GitOps for API management is broken. Instead of making API management more efficient, it causes higher cost of ownership, operator burnout, and slow time to value.

The solution? GitOps-driven API management with Argo CD and Traefik Hub.

Watch our special webinar with Akuity, the company founded by the creators of the Argo Project, to explore:

  • Why managing APIs effectively has become a strategic imperative
  • Why embracing GitOps is the obvious response to challenges of scale
  • How to automate and scale your Kubernetes deployments with Argo CD
  • How to reduce TCO, empower operators, and accelerate the time to value with modern, GitOps-driven API management

Watch this recorded webinar and harness the power of APIs at scale.

Guest Speaker

Christian Hernandez
Head of Community, Akuity

Watch the Webinar Recording