Simplifying Infrastructure and Network Automation with HashiCorp and Traefik

Aug 25 9 am PT | 6 pm CEST

About this webinar

This session will share how to streamline your infrastructure and network automation with tools from HashiCorp and Traefik Labs.

Enterprises across a wide array of industries trust HashiCorp to secure and manage their infrastructure in a repeatable, reliable manner. Likewise, companies use Traefik to handle their networking stacks with simplicity and security.  This session will illustrate how integrations across our product suites can help your team maximize their return on investment and improve developer velocity.

In this event, we will demonstrate how to:

  • Use Traefik as the ingress gateway in Nomad
  • Leverage Traefik’s Consul Catalog provider for dynamic configuration
  • Integrate Traefik with Consul Connect for service mesh capabilities
  • Manage TLS certificates in Traefik Enterprise using Vault’s PKI engine and KV store

Join us to learn how to leverage these integrations to automate your full infrastructure and networking stack.


  • Andy Assareh, Senior Solutions Engineer, Hashicorp
  • Matt Elgin, Solutions Architect, Traefik Labs

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