Life After Pilot: A Sneak Peek at the New Plugin Catalog and Traefik Hub

Jul 28 8 am PT | 5pm CET

You may have heard that Traefik Pilot is being deprecated and will no longer be available with the next release of Traefik Proxy 2.9. But before you panic, we have good news. 

The plugin catalog already has a new home, featuring all the plugins you use and love with a simplified UX for using them. Additionally, we’ve launched Traefik Hub, a platform built to help you publish and secure containers at the edge instantly, which includes a dashboard for increased visibility into your services.

Together, these two solutions ensure you get the most out of Traefik.

Join Manuel Zapf, our Product Manager, for a webinar exploring:

  • The new Plugin Catalog
  • How to use custom plugins
  • The new Traefik Hub platform and how to use it

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Manuel Zapf
Product Manager, Traefik Labs

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