Best practices to easily secure your cloud-native applications

About this webinar

Modern applications are mostly build to be so called cloud-native applications. Designed to run anywhere in the cloud and take benefit of all the advantages provided. However, running cloud-native applications can be a tricky task, as there are different challenges to overcome.

Security is one of the most important concerns to ensure the safety of your end-users and your applications. In this webinar, we are going to share best practices to easily secure your cloud-native applications with TraefikEE.

We’ll take you through the following steps in order to improve the security of your deployments:

  1.  HTTPs via Let’s Encrypt - Enabling HTTPs for the services you want to secure via the Let’s Encrypt integration and let TraefikEE manage and renew your certificates for you!
  2. Back up and restore Let’s encrypt certificates
  3. Improve your SLAs by using distributed middlewares like rate limiting & maximum connections.
  4. Finally, we’ll see how you can natively export logs, metrics and traces into best of breed tools like Prometheus, Grafana and Jaeger to monitor the health of your applications.

Presented by

Manuel Zapf
Solution Architect @Traefik Labs

Manuel is Traefik Maintainer & Solution Architect, working with Traefil Labs. His special interest is in deploying applications scalable by using cloud and container technologies. Gopher lover.

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