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Simplify Networking in Nomad with the New Traefik Integration

With the latest version of Nomad 1.3 and Traefik Proxy 2.8, Nomad can now use Traefik for load balancing, dynamic routing configuration, and ingress traffic routing using the new Nomad Provider.

In this special webinar with HashiCorp, we cover:

  • Nomad’s new features and integration with Traefik
  • How to deploy Traefik in a Nomad architecture
  • Configuring service discovery using the new Nomad Provider
  • Exposing Nomad tasks with Traefik (Basic)
  • Deploying authentication and access control (Advanced)
  • Using HashiCorp Vault for certificate management (Advanced)
  • Load balancing external traffic across multiple Nomad clusters (Advanced)

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Mike Nomitch
Product Manager for Nomad, HashiCorp

Matt Elgin
Solutions Architect, Traefik Labs

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